Ava & Laila {flower crowns photo shoot}

For those of you who know me, you know I am always crafting.  Whether it be knitting or sewing… or recently, these beautiful little flower crowns.  Of course, they aren’t nearly as beautiful as the littles modeling them, but do add a little something to that special day photo.  Really, they would give a little dress-up get-up a boost, during everyday play.

Soon these headpieces will be on my Stull Knits etsy shop.  I also wanted to note, for other photographers, they’d make for a nice addition to your prop collection… just sayin’.

Corbin Glover {Birth Story April 25, 2014}

Sara and Tyson Glover

The sun went down, their due date had passed.
Tyson stayed up late to finish up some school work.
Sara woke up around 1 am. After a few unusual contractions, she thought she’d wake Tyson. He rolled over and dozed back off. After 15 more mins passed, Sara woke him more sternly. He woke up groggy. After realizing what was going on, he was energized with excitement. The two gathered their packed hospital bags and rushed into the women’s center. 2:15 am.
Tyson called me at 3:05 am.  On the Drive in, the temp outside was 47 degrees and calm.
Sara dilated quickly.  She was given a epidural before I arrived.
Phone calls and texts.  6 am brought a shift change at the nurses station.  Jeanine checked out and Candice came on.
Tyson grabbed a bite to eat at 6:30(sandwich).
Sara is very sleepy.  A resting period is advised. Pushing is set to start at 7 a.m.