maternity | Jaci

Last year, I met Jaci when my daughter was raising funds and making loom bracelets for her up coming trip to Africa.  She lives down the road from me, and our paths have crossed a few times since then.  When Jaci showed up eight months pregnant at one of my recent garage sales (we’ve been selling everything we own since last September to fit our family of seven on a converted GM bus), we started talking about her pregnancy and home births and midwifery in the UT legislation.  I home birthed my last 2/5 babies and Jaci will be doing the same.  We excitedly agreed that I would capture her upcoming home birth, since this would be her last and she only regrets from the last ones, not having a photographer.

Jaci’s baby is due to arrive in 3 short weeks on April 27th.  Although, only 5% of babies arrive on their given due date… we’re still marking the date.

This beautiful mama and her family are saving the surprise of the baby’s gender until he/she arrives in their arms.  Will they have 1 boy and 4 girls, or 2 boys and 3 girls?  Stay tuned to find out!

maternity photographer

maternity photographermaternity photographerIMG_3557

maternity photographermaternity photographermaternity photographer


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maternity photographer

maternity photographermaternity photography

maternity photographer

maternity photography

maternity photography

Maternity | Stacey

I wasn’t too sure how the weather was going to hold up, today.  After a text to Stacey, asking if she’d prefer to change today’s session, she assured me that today was on.

Kyle is leaving on Thursday, for a three week air force duty and time is flying by.

Today, it is!

The wind died down and the snow drifted perfectly for Stacey’s maternity session.


IMG_2702Maternity photographymaternity photography

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maternity photography

Stacey and Kyle are looking forward to welcoming their little squishy baby girl into this world at the end of March.  Zane cannot wait to be her big brother.  They are all very excited!

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maternity photography



Cub River, Idaho | photography session location

ISO: Awesome photography session locations.

Years ago, when we were a family of four(now seven), we used to go camping every other weekend.  With so many of us, now, it is hard to get out of the house in a timely manner, I can’t hardly imagine “camping” being much worth the effort.  Some day we will return to the wilderness.

About seven years ago, we visited Cub River a few times.  It was the perfect spot for camping, hiking, and an afternoon picnic with friends.  I had forgotten about this lovely mountain side location, until recently.  I’ve been thinking of unique beautiful locations to take clients to to capture beautiful images of them.  Brad and I loaded up the kids, yesterday evening, and drove up to Idaho.  It’s only about 45 mins to this location(Willow Flats) from Smithfield, and filled with great potential.  Luckily I have a cute supportive family who doesn’t mind sitting in on my practice shots.

If you’re looking for relaxed outdoor adventure, check out Cub River, next time.