Cub River, Idaho | photography session location

ISO: Awesome photography session locations.

Years ago, when we were a family of four(now seven), we used to go camping every other weekend.  With so many of us, now, it is hard to get out of the house in a timely manner, I can’t hardly imagine “camping” being much worth the effort.  Some day we will return to the wilderness.

About seven years ago, we visited Cub River a few times.  It was the perfect spot for camping, hiking, and an afternoon picnic with friends.  I had forgotten about this lovely mountain side location, until recently.  I’ve been thinking of unique beautiful locations to take clients to to capture beautiful images of them.  Brad and I loaded up the kids, yesterday evening, and drove up to Idaho.  It’s only about 45 mins to this location(Willow Flats) from Smithfield, and filled with great potential.  Luckily I have a cute supportive family who doesn’t mind sitting in on my practice shots.

If you’re looking for relaxed outdoor adventure, check out Cub River, next time.