Our Skoolie {my family}

We must be crazy!

Not really, just up for an all out unconventional adventure.

Sunday, we bought a 1986 Bluebird school bus(painted matte black by the previous owner).  We were looking to downsize and put our house up for sale, a few weeks ago.  Friday, I read a post in the local fb classifieds of a bus for sale.  After a few laughs and what ifs, we decided this was a ridiculous thought and passed on the idea of buying it.  A day went by quickly while we pulled out a lot of clutter, from the house, and had a garage sale.  When Sunday rolled around, we notice the bus ad, again. With lack of interest, the owner dropped the price enough for it to be on our radar, again.  We loaded the family in the van and drove 35 minutes south, through Sardine Canyon, to find the big black bus in Brigham City.   After taking a ride with the owner and driving it around the block for himself, Brad(or skinny b, as his bus driver name) took the whole family on the bus.

Yikes!  I was totally nervous!

We decided we were totally looking for an adventure and knew this was about as extreme as we could get.  We bought the bus!.  Back through Sardine Canyon(more scary) we went.  Skinny b at the wheel of the bus, and I drove the rest of the gang in the van with the hazard lights on, the whole way.  At one point, the bus was sitting motionless in the right lane of the highway, other times we both drove slowly down the shoulder.  We took the Mantua(man-away) exit and pulled over.  A concerned patrol officer pulled over behind us to make sure everything was okay.  Besides me having a nervous brake down… we were good.

Obviously, we made it home safely.


Now, instead of looking for a smaller house to buy or rent in Cache Valley, we’re looking for a little piece of land to park our big ol’ buStull on and live out of it.  I’m sure some will think we’ve lost it, but for those who know us well enough, they know this is exactly what will bring us happiness.  I don’t see us traveling around from state to state, living the highway life.  We will need land to plant food and trees on and spread out from each other.  I mean, can you imagine?  A family of seven, with kids that range from 1 to 14 years in age,

driving, driving, driving…

Wait a minute, that’s what we do everyday right now.  We’re looking to stop the madness and relax.

Take in the adventure.


Live simple.

Be Happy.

Turns out, now that we’ve decided to start this adventure, we have found there are others out there as crazy as we, who have already bought their tickets, as well as others who wouldn’t mind this adventure for themselves.  We’ll take what they share and tailor it to fit our family’s needs and imaginations.  We’ve already had a friend mention his knowledge of propane conversion and are also considering solar power and tubing for the roof.  The possibilities seem endless.

Thank you for your support and stay tuned for more updates on our buStull skoolie adventure.

Now, somebody please buy our house(which is pretty cool, too!)



I drew on the bus with white chalk, for fun… for now.



Senior | Class of 2015 {Hailey}

Strong and beautiful senior of LHS, Hailey Oldham, was a charm to hang out with on the mountain side!  We met up Logan Canyon at the trail head to the Jardine Juniper, for her shoot.  The colors of fall are quickly showing through, paired with Hailey’s beautiful smile, I couldn’t go wrong.  Until a squeeter landed on her forehead and left a lovely welt.  Note to self… next time take mosquito spray with!


All seniors looking for beautiful fall colored photos, NOW is the time to schedule your session!


Family {Williams}

Meet the William’s family.

I adore the kindness they show each other and everybody around them.  And wow, does Ruth have her hands full… not with five beautiful young ladies in the house, but with Duane, of course!  Ha Ha! Just Kidding Duane.  We had a great time during their session, sharing laughs and traveling to not only one location, but a second way up the mountain road.

Ruth will finally have updated family pictures to print up and hang in her newly remodeled kitchen/dining room area.  This could be the start of an annual family portrait session for them, right Duane?!

I’m really glad to call them friends.


Duane’s best impression of “Nacho Libre.”


Head shots {Crystal}

Your friendly neighborhood pharmacist, Crystal, came to me looking to update her photo displayed on the wall at the Pharmacy.  “I only need a 8×10 for the wall,” she claimed.  Okay, but let’s have some fun with it!

A session that could have taken ten minutes, turned into an hour as we caught up on each other’s family doings.  Crystal and I met about six years ago when our fourteen year old daughters became friends in 3rd grade.  They don’t get together as much anymore, but I still enjoy chatting with Crystal and her husband.  Which with busy lifestyles, doesn’t come around often enough.

Thank you Crystal for thinking of me for this project of yours.

If any of you know Crystal from the Cache Valley Kmart Pharmacy, say “Hi” to her from me the next time you’re in there!


Our crazy girlies from way back!


I also have to add… where else can you see a cow being walked by a four wheeler down the city streets, besides Smithfield?  Too funny!

only in Smithfield
only in Smithfield