Smith Deck {Stull Built Homes}

My husband, Brad Stull, is one of the best carpenters around!  This past year, he took the leap and went out on his own.  He became licensed and insured, back in December and started Stull Built Homes(SBH on fb).

 Earlier this summer, he was contacted by Brenda and Lane Smith, to build a deck.  I wanted to document and showcase Brad’s skilled work, so I offered the Smith’s a photo session.

What a friendly couple they are.  They have raised 6 kids, as well as numerous foster children, over the years.  And recently have welcomed another grandchild into the family.

They agree, this deck has definitely enhanced their maturing backyard and are very pleased with the design and construction of it.  They were very satisfied with Brad and his craftsmanship, and will hire him again if a project arises.


location search session| Tiffny & Brittny | Benson Marina | Northern Utah photographer

Another location idea, Benson Marina.  This is a great, not too far out of Logan, location for many different types of sessions.  I’ll definitely be bringing more clients back here for pictures.

My daughter, Maizy’s, friends Tiffny and Brittny(twins) did a great job modeling for me.  Even with extremely long hair on an extremely windy location, they were good sports and very patient.  Thanks again girls!



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Cub River, Idaho | photography session location

ISO: Awesome photography session locations.

Years ago, when we were a family of four(now seven), we used to go camping every other weekend.  With so many of us, now, it is hard to get out of the house in a timely manner, I can’t hardly imagine “camping” being much worth the effort.  Some day we will return to the wilderness.

About seven years ago, we visited Cub River a few times.  It was the perfect spot for camping, hiking, and an afternoon picnic with friends.  I had forgotten about this lovely mountain side location, until recently.  I’ve been thinking of unique beautiful locations to take clients to to capture beautiful images of them.  Brad and I loaded up the kids, yesterday evening, and drove up to Idaho.  It’s only about 45 mins to this location(Willow Flats) from Smithfield, and filled with great potential.  Luckily I have a cute supportive family who doesn’t mind sitting in on my practice shots.

If you’re looking for relaxed outdoor adventure, check out Cub River, next time.


Food talk and mindful eating

I like to talk about food.  I suppose I take after my dad on this one… I know I do.  We can have detailed conversation about a good recipe or the latest in-season market find, if either one of us is the slightest bit hungry.  Today, I picked a head of cauliflower from the garden and prepared it for a snack.  What do you think about while you’re eating?  A few years back, I came across this phrase, “Mindful eating.”  I’d like to get better at it, use it more often as I sit down to eat.

When I think about cauliflower, I think about the day I gave birth to my fourth baby, Oedi(four years ago, tomorrow).  It was a beautiful summer evening, the birthing pool set up under our pergola in the backyard.  After he arrived, Brad picked our first homegrown cauliflower from the garden and prepared it for a snack.  It was perfect.