Back in the swing of the wedding scene {Utah Backyard wedding}

Most of you know, I built my photography business to shoot weddings all summer long, in Michigan, 10 years ago.  After we moved to Utah, I bought an updated digital camera, shied away from the business of photography.  One main reason was the unknown of a Temple wedding.  I’d never witnessed one and was afraid of being asked to shoot one.  One thing I didn’t think about… All weddings, here, aren’t Temple weddings.  So, after a bit of a brake in the wedding scene, I was offered a chance to dive back in.  I met a wonderful local photographer(a transplant from WA state), Kylee Maughan of Kylee Ann Photography, online.  When she posted she was in need of a “second shooter” at an upcoming backyard wedding, I was all in!

We wrapped up our soccer vacation, on Saturday, and my family dropped me off in Mt. Pleasant(3 hours north of Cedar City, half way to a full drive home).  I met Kylee in the drive-way and we shot the wedding/reception together.  This wedding was the perfect atmosphere to get my photo groove back on.  Relaxed, friendly, simple, and in the backyard… not so scary, I can do this.  I followed Kylee around and got some shots, which produced nice images to show others(and myself) I am still capable.  I want to thank Kylee for allowing me in on this wedding and being extremely helpful and open to photography business tips of the times and area(I drove the two of us home and “worked” the day for trade of picking her brain for 3.5 hours).

Might I add, this beautiful welcoming couple made it pretty easy, as well!  High school sweethearts, returning home from USU to tie the knot in their hometown of Mt. Pleasant, Utah.  Warm familiar friends and family, paired with beautiful June weather.  All around set up to be the




Summer Games 2014 {Cedar City, UT}

Soccer leads us to Cedar City(southwest UT), every year in June, for Utah Summer Games.  Four days of soccer, opening ceremonies, THEE best fireworks show EVER, and other adventures around the coolest red rocks(last year, we visited Cedar Breaks and Zion) and sites to see.

     This year, we rented a little house referred to as “The Cottage,” by it’s owners.  It’s a quaint little two bedroom home on 200 east, in town.  Just off busy Main Street, with a nice little fenced in side yard bordered with beautiful rose bushes.  Unfortunately, we missed the peak bloom of the bushes, by maybe a week, but I did manage to find a handful of roses to snip and display in the kitchen.  The boys were so excited to find the cottage had a cool mail slot, through the wall, next to the red front door.  They were pumped when the mailman came to the door(Brad convinced him when he was in route to the neighbors box) with (junk)mail.  A big thank you Mr. Mailman.

     The weather was warm… low 90’s, but with the high speed wind, it maybe felt like mid 70’s.  This left most of us pretty weathered and sun beaten, but it’s better than rain. Have you ever witnessed a “Dust Devil?”  We saw so many, to and from the games.  Very cool.

     Brad found a newly volunteer built play structure, just south of town, called “The Park Discovery.”  We took the three littles there, while Maizy and Hope spent this time with their soccer mates.
We ventured off to a nationally registered historical site 30 or so miles north, in Parowan, called the “Parowan Gap.”  There we found the petroglyphs inscribed in the rock faces, which are believed by archaeoastronomers to have been marked to help early civilizations understand seasonal changes and allow them to plan their personal fertility and birthing cycles.  With the summer solstice, next week, we went at sunset to feel the amazement of past generations speak to us through their drawings.  The wind was very gusty.  The sun was so intense and fell brilliantly right in the center of the gap and into a very heavy cloud.  It glowed pink, through the cloud, as we drove off down the deserted Gap Road.  We were the only ones there to witness it’s greatness, on this day, in this gathering place of meaning, so many years before.  Laik and Oedi both fell victim to the sandman, on our trip to the Gap, and didn’t wake up until we were on our way back home.

     Maizy’s U14 Logan Lynx team had a bit of an uphill battle, it would seem, right out of the gates.  A couple too many losses managed to put them in the running for nothing more than the bronze medal, if they could pull off a win, in the end.  They played their hearts out and kept their wits about them against a VERY dirty, foul-mouthed team and pulled through with the WIN! 3-1!  It might as well have been a gold medal.  Being the victors of the bronze, in the end, was a great way to finish Summer Games.
We were unable to attend the medal ceremony, due to an awesome opportunity I was given to be a “second shooter” with a top local, Northern UT photographer, Kylee Ann, of Kylee Ann Photography.  More to come, about the wedding on the next post.

PolyCurious Launch Party


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Here they are!!!  Look how beautiful you all are, you polyester Queens!  Cristi Vernon, you really have out done yourself, collecting all of this vintage fashion!

I’m Cur!ous how many other vintage clothing “collectors” would love to get their hands on your wardrobe?

Plenty, I’m sure!  And they’ll have their chance, now that you have all of these perfect images to help build your website!

Everybody had so much fun at this dress up “Polycurious Launch Party.”

Putting together and pulling up or shimmying into… Polyester is the power fabric of choice with PolyCurious!

And the vibrant colors… Oooowee!  Right up my alley!



Justin & Melanie {Family}

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Good friends with their sweet old dog, Sequoia.  16 years old, they’re not sure how much more time she’ll be here with them.

Melanie wanted to get this photo shoot in while she was still here to love on.