Do you have Hope? I do.

I’m always looking for new hidden gems to capture images…
Good thing I have a beauty of a daughter, around the house, to stand in for me whenever I need her to. Even when she’s dressed for kicking around a soccer ball out in the back field behind our house.

Also, congratulations to her for making try-out call backs and for the opportunity to play soccer with her friends on Aggies FC GU12 team.  Go Hope!!!


“Coming out” of a closet near YOU!

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Last week I was approached by a good friend with a secret.

She was ready to “come out,” and she wanted my help.  She has an addiction, like so many out there.

For years, Cristi has been stashing vintage finds in her closet, wearing them on special occasions.

She has this great plan and she’s asked BDE Photography to join her on this venture.

Are you even the slightest bit Polycurious?

Be careful, it’s very contagious!

Zara Love {sweet fiery redhead}

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Zara made her beautiful headpiece and came dressed in her favorite color.  After a few ideas of mine, Zara had a few of her own.

Let’s just say she warmed up as the sun went down, I mean REALLY warmed up.  She grabbed her suitcase, with a highstep, and broke out into song… “I’ve been working on the railroad!”

Film Photography Business of my past

I pulled out a photo album of mine from 12 years ago, when I used to have a “film” photography business in Michigan.
I’ve been asked, recently, “Wow, when did you take up photography?” from friends I’ve met in Utah.
A little background about myself…
Originally from MI, we moved to UT almost 9 years ago.  I put my, then booming, photography business on hold.  I used to specialize in capturing weddings, seniors, and sports teams.  Before moving, I offered clients all of their negatives, to lighten my load.

Today, I’m excited to have another go at expressing my creativity through photography, in UT.  And now that I’m digital, there are so many more opportunities and possibilities.

Here are  the only images I have left of proof to my past film daysThese are snapshots from my iPhone of the prints in my album. 

Remember:   No post developed editing with film, or viewing while shooting.